Pitman Training

Curso: Go- Get that Job!

En el curso Go-Get that Job! trataremos de exponer las técnicas necesarias para encontrar empleo. Los candidatos deben tener un buen dominio del inglés (B1- First Certificate).


El contenido del curso se divide en 4 módulos:

One: Meeting the case study candidates, identifying your ideal job, defining your skills and interests, identifying your qualities, recognising your achievements, e-mail addresses and other internet issues, completing your paperwork.

Two: Identifying what to include in a CV, recognising a chronological CV and its purpose, recognising a functional CV and its purpose, identifying which type of CV suits your needs, recording contact details on a CV, recording your career history, recording your education and qualifications, describing your achievements, writing a personal statement, identifying key skills and qualities, preparing and presenting your CV. 

Three: Searching for jobs using the internet, analysing job advertisements identifying information you need to research, targeting your CV, completing a paper application form, answering competency-based questions, completing an application form online, cover letters, e-mailing a job application, creative job hunting, gaining appropriate skills.

Four: Receiving a telephone invite to interview, replying to an invite to interview, matching your skills to the job requirements, frequently asked questions, effective answers, asking your own questions, different types of interview, handling a telephone interview, dressing for an interview, making a good impression, body language, evaluating the interview, writing a thank-you letter, handling second interviews.

Duración: 10 horas
Metodología: a distancia o en el centro (calle Tuset, 8 entlo 3a)
Precio: 150€ aprovecha ahora un descuento del 10%
Llama ahora al telf. 93 218 73 00 o contacta por mail a barcelona@pitman-training.net